Protect your 3D Robotics drones with professional travel cases for the SOLO, IRIS, X8, Y6 and more.

  • 3D Robotics Solo Hard Case Main

    3DR Solo Case

    On the go with your 3D Robotics Solo? Protect your drone, GoPro®, batteries, controller, motors and charger, and tablet...
    $212. 00
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  • 3D Robotics Solo Backpack Limited Edition Black

    3DR Solo Backpack - Limited Edition

    GPC releases our Limited Edition 3D Robotics Solo backpack. A durable 5.11 RUSH72™ backpack that lets you pack your c...
    $239. 00
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  • 3d Robotics Solo Hard Case Wheeled Main

    3DR Solo Wheeled Case

    3D Robotics Solo Wheeled Case GPC’s wheeled, hard-shell case for the 3D Robotics Solo protects your drone, transmit...
    $235. 00
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  • GPC UAV DJI 3D Robotics Iris Case Open

    3DR Iris Case

    The 3D Robotics Iris Case protects your drone, while offering storage for GoPro® HERO and tablet attachments, wall and ...
    $280. 00 $238. 00
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  • GPC UAV 3d Robotics Case Open

    3DR X8 Case

    The 3D Robotics X8 Case is a sturdy, wheeled black case that accommodates the 2014 X8 or X8+ and its accessories. It fea...
    $380. 00 $323. 00
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  • GPC UAV DJI 3D Robotics Y6 Case Open Hero

    3DR Y6 Case

    The 3D Robotics Y6 Case is a sturdy, wheeled case that accommodates the 2013 and 2014 Y6 and its accessories. It feature...
    $315. 00 $220. 00
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  • Skywalker 1880 Case

    Skywalker 1880 Case

    Take your Skywalker 1880 to the field in this travel case! The case carries an Skywalker 1880 in standard travel configu...
    $695. 00
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  • Waterproof Ground Station Case Side

    Waterproof Ground Station Case

    The Waterproof Ground Station Case protects up to 17-inch monitors, providing sunguarded, collapsible storage frames wit...
    $229. 99
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