People are always asking us, “What makes our drone and GoPro® cases unique?” Our answer is simple: Craftsmanship and insight to aerial photographers, cinematographers and UAV pilots’ requirements. GPC offers more than 20 years of experience designing cases for a variety of industries including hi-tech, military and the health sciences. Below are three ways GPC will protect and keep all your gear well organized:

1. Water-jet processing offers your most detailed gear a perfectly snug fit. We specifically use water-jet processing, not die cutting, for all our foam sets. Water jet is a computerized manufacturing process that allows for quick and easy changes with a couple strokes of the mouse that are more precise than die cutting. It offers extremely high detail that allows us to pack more drone and GoPro® accessories into a case.

2. High-quality foam provides a soft yet protective touch. Our foam is made of a soft closed cell PE so the practical and aesthetic parts of your gear are protected, rather than typical 2.2 or 1.7 # PE foams, which can be coarse and abrasive. The smaller bubbles and smoother feel of the soft closed cell foam does not absorb water and dust the way open cell foam does. In addition, all of our blue top MDL foam offers additional protection to the cavities for longer durability when inserting and removing your items.

3. Customization options for all of the ways you work and play. At GPC, we never stop thinking of new ways to protect the equipment with which you capture your thrilling memories. We strive to be the leader in product development as new aerial photography, video, UAV and drone gear are released — all while paying close attention to your protective case needs.

You can explore our elite lineup of UAV, multirotor, drone and GoPro® camera cases in our shop.

To our readers, we want to hear from you. What qualities are important to you when it comes to protecting your gear?

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