DJI-Phantom 4 RTK With Ground Station

DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK is a huge asset to the commercial drone industry, bringing survey-grade aerial mapping to the masses. At GPC, we’ve followed suit and built the best-in-class case for your DJI-Phantom 4 RTK with Ground Station. In addition to everything you need for a full day of shooting with a standard Phantom 4, we’ve packed in cavities for your RTK accessories including your ground station and RTK charger, all while maintaining our industry-leading protection and compact, balanced design you’d expect from GPC.

By eliminating the need for ground control points, the Phantom 4 RTK is a truly portable solution for precision mapping.  The perfect storage and transport solution required an ultra-precise configuration and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our compact case packs your P4 RTK, 5 flight batteries, CrystalSky monitor, ground station, and all the needed accessories into just over 4 cubic feet of total volume, so you can now map with the highest accuracy and make the most of every hour in the field.

New Product: Ronin S Balanced Hard Case

GPC’s long-awaited DJI Ronin-S case is finally here! We understand that when it’s time to get the shot, assembling and balancing your Ronin is a major pain point. Our unique design allows you to store your Ronin-S in it’s balanced configuration, so the only set up required is to attach the quick release plate to the camera and snap it onto the gimbal. The Ronin-S supports a variety of cameras, so we made the camera cavity large enough store the most common models, ranging from the Sony A7Rii or smaller, up to larger bodies like the Canon 80D. This compact case holds the Ronin-S, battery grip, tripod, quick release plate, chargers for the Ronin-S and camera, DJI tool case, 2 lenses and 2 camera batteries.

Ronin S Hero 1 (1) Ronin S-TD-H

With it’s compact form factor and DJI’s best-in-class stabilization technology, the Ronin-S can deliver cinematic camera movement wherever inspiration strikes. Though whether you’re hiking alone in a remote location to capture the last glow of magic hour, or on set with expensive talent and a full crew, we know time is of the essence. Blocking and rehearsing the perfect movement camera takes time, and often if you can’t be up and rolling in a snap, creative vision has to be compromised. That’s why we designed our Ronin-S case for maximum efficiency during production, packing in everything you need to get the shot, and reducing the time it takes to get up and rolling from minutes to seconds. With you’re Ronin-S and case from GPC, we hope you’ll never have to settle for sticks again.

ronin s case at factory shoot

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New Product: Mavic Pro & CrystalSky Case

We know your Mavic Pro is a major workhorse and there’s a good chance you’ve purchased one of DJI’s amazing CrystalSky monitors. GPC has created a perfect storage configuration with our new Mavic Pro CrystalSky case. We’ve packed in over 2 hrs of flight time, with cavities for 3 spare Mavic Pro batteries and 2 CrystalSky batteries. This compact case also holds the charger, both battery hubs and storage for either the 5.5” or 7.875” CrystalSky monitor & many more accessories below the Mavic Pro tray.

Mavic 2 CrystalSky-TD-Emavic 2 pro case open

At GPC, we understand that your gear is your livelihood and that with every project, your reputation is on the line. Every GPC case is designed with these 2 critical factors in mind, and the Mavic Pro Plus CrystalSky case is no exception. It’s carefully designed to both maximize protection for the most sensitive components (like the Mavic Pro’s gimbal and the CrystalSky’s screen) and ensure you always get the shot by packing everything you need for a full shoot day into one ultra-portable package.

walking with gpc mavic 2 pro case

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New Product: Mavic 2 Limited Edition Backpack

The GPC Limited Edition backpack for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom is super comfortable and easily stores everything you need for a day of shooting. This well-balanced backpack provides great protection and stores the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom, controller, 4 spare batteries, Mavic charging hub, Mavic charger, GPC Micro SD Card holder, 2 CrystalSky batteries, and the 5.5” CrystalSky or cellphone in the main cavities. In addition, the pouches are designed to hold the CrystalSky battery charger and hub, filters, spare props, tools and much more. This backpack also holds an iPad and/or a 13” MacBook in the exterior pouch, and because this is a tactical pack, you can add extra aftermarket MOLLE pouches.



The ultra portable, ready to fly Mavic 2 is undeniably a game changer: delivering cinema quality aerials that until only recently were reserved for large, expensive drones. DJI’s CrystalSky monitor let’s you clearly see what the drone sees in stunning resolution, under any lighting conditions, making your Mavic 2 a truly professional aerial rig. We know that to make the most of it, you need be able to grab and go when inspiration strikes, and rest assured your investment is protected along the way. Our tactical, limited edition pack is balanced and comfortable on your back for those long hikes to remote shooting locations. We’re confident you’ll love the care we put into every design detail, right down to the feel of the zipper.

IMG_2276 (2)

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New Products Round-Up

This month, GPC is launching some exciting new cases and backpacks. From DJI Global, 3D Robotics, Blackout, Lumenier, we've got just what you need for drone pilots and FPV racers alike. Watch the slideshows below to see our new drone case and backpack line-up.

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