As the chief pilot for Seagull Aerial and one of the lead aerial photographers with National Geographic Expeditions, I spend nine months out of the year travelling around the world. That said, I require high quality, protective gear. One of the biggest mistakes people make is investing a lot of money in their camera equipment only to skimp out on the most important asset of all: the gear that keeps their photography equipment protected in the field.

The peace of mind that I get when I use my GPC cases while traveling is invaluable. When I jump from one project to the next, I take comfort in knowing my gear will arrive safely at the destination. This allows me to focus on the filming, rather than worrying about repairs.

My most recent travels took me through some of the most rugged terrain that Kauai, Hawaii, has to offer. The mission was to capture the essence of the island in some of the most remote and harsh conditions that can be found on Kauai. Whether we were flown in to a location via helicopter, dropped off by catamaran, or spent days hiking to a location, I always took comfort in knowing my gear would be ready to go thanks to the durable GPC backpack and DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 Combo Case. There is no way this assignment would have been possible without the portability that the GPC backpack had to offer. It’s robust design allowed me to bring enough gear and batteries to keep me shooting all day long, too.

Not only is Kauai extremely difficult to navigate because the road network only covers a small portion of the island, but the ever-changing climate and weather patterns also create a challenge when shooting aerials. The weather on Kauai can go from sunny blue skies to downpour rain with high winds in a matter of minutes, and it’s always necessary to be prepared to face the elements. My GPC cases had to withstand blowing sand in gale force winds as we navigated the coastline, dusty conditions on the back of ATV’s during off road excursions, heavy rain as we trekked through the rainforest, possible immersion as we hauled the cases via kayak through rivers, and moisture and humidity from everyday island life. This kind of travel would never have been possible before I started using GPC cases to keep my gear safe. Thanks to the design of GPC’s custom cases, I no longer have to worry about my gear making it safely to a location.

Max Seigal is a photographer with Linblad Expeditions and National Geographic. View his work at

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