At GPC, the holiday season is best thought of as drone time. You’ve been flying all year – exploring exotic destinations near and far, capturing impressive aerial photography, and helping communities in need. Then, you hit the shopping circuit for Christmas – the ultimate test of your UAV knowledge for your drone-loving friends and family. Lucky for you, today, we’re making your holiday shopping easy by highlighting the top five GPC products for the busy, holiday travel season.

1) DJI Phantom 3 Backpack and/or 3D Robotics Solo Backpack
DJI Phantom 3 Backpack Limited Edition

Our DJI Phantom 3 and 3D Robotics backpacks can be described in three words: lightweight, durable and multifaceted. Not only can they be carried onto an airplane easily, fitting all of your drone necessities overhead, but you can also pack a change of clothes. We like to stock the front, side pockets with snacks for long trips, too!

2) Battery Cases (Compatible with DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3)
DJI Inspire 1 & Phantom Battery Case

Our battery cases are the best solution for more flight time, travel and storing away your Lipo batteries. Tip: FAA regulations now require you to carry on Lipo batteries.

3) DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Combo Case
Inspire 1 - Phantom Combo Case

Why carry two drone cases when you could carry two drones in one case? Our fan favorite DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Combo Case allows you to take your Phantom 3 out to capture aerial shots, and reduces setup time with your Inspire 1 already in landing mode with your camera attached.

4) Universal FPV Radio Backpack
FPV Radio Backpack

The Universal FPV Radio Backpack carries your transmitter, batteries, antenna, Mobius HD camera, and more. The best part? You can attach multiple FPV racers on the outside of the backpack; it’s the ultimate drone travel hack.

5) TSA Locks
TSA Padlock

Our TSA accepted padlocks provide convenient and secure airport cargo inspection. Our favorite is the all-inclusive TSA 3 Locking Latch Kit, which offers two TSA locking latches, replacement pins and keys that are quick and easy-to-install for most drone models.

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