Here at GPC, we are inspired by the many ways you are flying into the new year. Check out some of the fascinating destinations our fans are already traveling to in 2016 with their GPC cases.

Nick Lang tows his DJI Global Inspire 1 to Philadelphia’s City Hall with GPC’s Inspire 1 X5 Travel Mode Case. Our founding fathers would be so proud!
Darryl, CEO of Action Drone USA, protects his AD2 in his special edition GPC case.
The GPC Inspire 1 X5 Landing Mode Case makes its way to Las Cabanas Beach to capture beach aerial photography.
Some destinations are easier to get to than others. Pat Weir transports his DJI Global Inspire 1 to Bolivia in GPC’s Inspire 1 case. Clearly, it serves well as a boat seat, too!

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