New Product: Ronin S Balanced Hard Case

GPC’s long-awaited DJI Ronin-S case is finally here! We understand that when it’s time to get the shot, assembling and balancing your Ronin is a major pain point. Our unique design allows you to store your Ronin-S in it’s balanced configuration, so the only set up required is to attach the quick release plate to the camera and snap it onto the gimbal. The Ronin-S supports a variety of cameras, so we made the camera cavity large enough store the most common models, ranging from the Sony A7Rii or smaller, up to larger bodies like the Canon 80D. This compact case holds the Ronin-S, battery grip, tripod, quick release plate, chargers for the Ronin-S and camera, DJI tool case, 2 lenses and 2 camera batteries.

Ronin S Hero 1 (1) Ronin S-TD-H

With it’s compact form factor and DJI’s best-in-class stabilization technology, the Ronin-S can deliver cinematic camera movement wherever inspiration strikes. Though whether you’re hiking alone in a remote location to capture the last glow of magic hour, or on set with expensive talent and a full crew, we know time is of the essence. Blocking and rehearsing the perfect movement camera takes time, and often if you can’t be up and rolling in a snap, creative vision has to be compromised. That’s why we designed our Ronin-S case for maximum efficiency during production, packing in everything you need to get the shot, and reducing the time it takes to get up and rolling from minutes to seconds. With you’re Ronin-S and case from GPC, we hope you’ll never have to settle for sticks again.

ronin s case at factory shoot

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