At GPC, we are continually adapting and adding new drone cases and backpacks to our product lineup to meet the fast-changing needs of the UAV industry. We partner with rising drone leaders and their teams to drive change by creating the space to do the uncommon – and the extraordinary.

Two years ago, we were introduced to Darryl Anunciado of Action Drone USA (AD), a drone company in San Diego that was focused on using drones for more than just aerial photography and cinematography, but rather, search and rescue missions, industrial agriculture, and other business uses.

At the time, AD had one product: the AD1, a durable working drone with a multi-purpose aerial platform, perfect for mapping, surveying, inspecting and more. The product served a niche market and epitomized the future of drones, as well as Darryl’s mission to use them for good; GPC quickly got behind it. In 2013, GPC developed the AD1 waterproof hard case to help serve the company’s rapidly growing customer base. Since then, AD has taken off: they were featured in the latest edition of MultiRotor Magazine, and gained substantial praise from domestic and international drone pilots at the 2015 InterDrone Expo.

GPC had a chance to catch up with AD to chat about their humble beginnings, rapid growth and future drones. Here’s what we learned.



On the start of Action Drones:

Darryl got into the drone world as a hobbyist, flying RC airplanes with GoPros® duct taped onto them. Over time, his affinity for copters led him to search for other, less sticky solutions via online communities and forums. Three years later, Darryl developed his first product in his home office. His solo operation has since evolved into a full, multi-national team with employees in the U.S., Hong Kong and Mexico.

On AD’s uniqueness:

After a search and rescue mission in Nepal, Darryl was inspired to utilize and create American-made drones for purposes outside of aerial photography and videography. He wanted to make a difference.

That’s why AD positions itself as a solution-based company that finds ways to minimize risk and optimize workload. Darryl leans heavily on work-type drones that serve niche sectors positively impacting the environment, particularly industrial agriculture and law enforcement – filling a prevalent gap in the drone industry. For instance, agricultural usages for the AD1 and AD-Talon: using drones for crop surveillance increase farm crop yields while minimizing the cost of walking the fields, or spraying pesticides via a large, gas-eating tractor.

AD’s drones are still used for aerial photography and cinematography, though. In fact, just last year, a company purchased 20 AD drones for an anti-poaching campaign in South Africa.

On his favorite drones:

Darryl’s favorite AD product is the AD2. As he so eloquently puts it: “It’s a giant drone that can carry anything!” Outside of his own product line, though, he credits the DJI Phantom 1 for much of the acknowledgement his company received from the drone community; AD became a viable product and public utility tool.

What’s next:

AD is releasing a new drone in the first quarter of 2016. The innovative multirotor will provide visual inspections of gas leaks and methane detections, transforming the oil and gas industries respectively. You can catch Darryl and the rest of the AD team at the Drone Expo in Los Angeles later this year, too.

Learn more about Action Drones at, and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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