GPC EVO I & II Monitor Mount - Tablet Size by Width 154-195mm (6.1-7.68 ")



The Autel EVO II has become a significant player in the US commercial drone market. It has quickly been adopted by pilots for its significant value proposition. One thing all pilots prefer is a large screen for viewing the subject in a reliable format. Like so many, the EVO II monitor is too small for most missions and therefore creates the need for a larger monitor. In response, GPC has designed the most compact and user-friendly mount on the market. There are a handful of other mounts available that are either larger, 3D printed or hobby quality. GPC’s mount is extremely simple and solid and has a built-in lanyard loop to support the weight of the monitor and reduce wrist fatigue during flight when a lanyard is attached. We know that so many commercial pilots are using the GPC case that comes with their rugged bundle. However, it doesn’t come with a large monitor mount and other mounts don’t fit in the existing remote cavity. GPC has resolved that issue with our mount; just spin off the clamp and place in one of the lower tray accessory cavities and you are all packed up for transport. Made in the USA.

*Includes Complimentary GPC Lanyard (When purchased directly from GPC website) 

GPC EVO I & II Monitor Mount - Tablet Size by Width 154-195mm (6.1-7.68 ")

  • FITS: Autel EVO I & II Controller w/ Tablet Size by Width 154-195mm (6.1-7.68″)
  • Anodized Aluminum Bracket
  • Dark Gray Color
  • 1 Mounting Screw
  • Includes Complimentary GPC Lanyard (When purchased directly from GPC website)
  • Lanyard Attachment Hole is Universal to any Single Lanyard Attachments (Clips, Hooks, Claws, Rings, etc.)
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