DJI Spark Compact Case

Manufacturer Part No: GPC-DJI-SPARK-C1

The GPC Compact case will protect your DJI Spark's original kit items PLUS the DJI controller and has accessory space for either the charging hub or a cell phone (without additional cover) for those using it as a monitor. The closed cell foam cavities not only keep your Spark accessories organized, but the rugged mil-spec case provides overall great protection for wet or sandy conditions. This watertight case floats and is dust resistant so it is perfect for all terrains and the adventures of desert rats to water enthusiasts.

"Why buy a case when it comes with a foam container?", we've been asked. The answer: While the Spark comes with a sweet little foam container it is not going to meet the needs of the life of your Spark because the stock case will have a short life span and has minimal storage space. We have created great protection against the conditions your Spark will encounter in your adventures and it gives you the room for the stock accessories and plus the controller that you will undoubtedly want as you spend more time with your Spark.

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Designed for use with DJI® products. DJI® is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries. UAV & Accessories Not Included With Cases.

DJI Spark Compact Case

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