DJI FPV Backpack - Limited Edition

Manufacturer Part No: GPC-DJI-FPV-BP

The DJI FPV has been a real winner as an alternative drone in the pilot’s bag of tricks. GPCs success lies in listening to the customer; therefore, we quickly came out with the FPV Props & Braces On case, but it was still a hard case. Now we are introducing the FPV Props & Braces Backpack, which makes for easy traveling and total comfort on a long hike.
We have packed this 5.11 backpack with the FPV Props & Braces, Controller, Motion Controller, goggles, batteries, charger, charging hub, GPC SD Card Holder, GPC LensPen and much more. You are well organized and set for many hours of flying.
*Accessories Sold Separately*
$285. 00
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Designed for use with DJI® products. DJI® is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries. UAV & Accessories Not Included With Cases.

DJI FPV Backpack - Limited Edition

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