DJI S900 TALL Landing Gear Case

Manufacturer Part No: XB-DJI-S900-2

The DJI S900 Tall Landing Gear Case is a two-layered case with custom-cut foam that allocates space for up to four batteries and two radios. The top and bottom trays provide extra compartments for a tablet or monitor and other accessories.

Foam Only ($450) for Pelican 0370
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$845. 00
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Designed for use with DJI® products. DJI® is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries. UAV & Accessories Not Included With Cases.

GPC UAV DJI S900 TALL Landing Gear Front Open Hero Image

  • GPC UAV DJI S900 TALL Landing Gear Front Open Hero Image
  • GPC UAV DJI S900 TALL Landing Gear Top View 2
  • GPC UAV DJI S900 TALL Landing Gear Front Open 3
  • GPC UAV DJI S900 TALL Landing Gear Front Closed
  • GPC UAV DJI S900 TALL Landing Gear Back Closed

  • Main Tray:
    • 1 DJI S900 w/ Zenmuse Gimbals
    • Spare Props
    • 8" monitor
    • 2 Radios (DX 9 antenna? No problem!)
  • Top Tray:
    • 4 Accessory cavities
    • Spare Props
    • 8" monitor
    • 4 Batteries (up to 20,000mAh)


  • Water-jet precision cut with closed cell foam to resist water and dust infiltration.
  • Our custom foam is housed in a high end Pelican military spec case used by military and industrial leaders.
  • Made in the USA, Shipped Worldwide
  • Padlock holes include stainless steel padlock protector clips
  • Waterproof and dust tight design
  • Molded-in hinge for added protection
  • Ambient pressure equalization valve
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Remember! - If it doesn't say GPC in the foam, it isn't guaranteed!


Exterior Length 26.5 in
Exterior Width 26.5 in
Exterior Depth 25.25 in



Interior Length 24 in
Interior Width 24 in
Interior Depth 24 in



Weight 46 lb 0.00 oz
Shipping Weight 150 lb 0.00 oz

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