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GPC provides the world’s best case protection for drones, UAV systems, robotics and more. GPC products are designed, manufactured, and
assembled in Southern California.

MADE IN THE USA. Since 2013, we have built custom, unique cases for UAV and drone users around the globe. We are constantly evaluating and adapting our products to meet the needs of people who rely on them most: public servants and world changers, aerial photographers and videographers, RC pilots and drone enthusiasts, robotics engineers and technicians, and many more. We eliminate the risk of damage and make sure your gear is always ready, so you can capture what’s important. 


GPC creates best-in-class cases with the most advanced production technologies and attention to detail. From the case interior structure to the outer shell, we use precision waterjet technologies and unique, customized foam. Our signature closed, soft cell polyethylene foam with blue MDL cap

is completely watertight with an automatic ambient pressure equalization valve. It is also resistant to UV rays, corrosion and fungus. Our cases are rigorously and continuously tested to ensure they meet industry standards and, most importantly, to ensure they can withstand the most intense conditions.


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